Thierry Noir

L-Element without title, November 2009

His design language is legend. On account of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Thierry Noir exclusively created this unique motive on an L-shaped Berlin Wall element.

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I AM VERY BUSY AT THE MOMENT - limited to 1,989 pieces worldwide.

Artist: Thierry Noir, 2009

This is the title of the wall miniature created by the legendary Wall artist Thierry Noir. It is part of the VisibleWall Kings of Freedom edition. Thierry Noir is and always has been a "King of Freedom". With his largen than life sized faces he made an impression on the Western side of the Wall unlike any other artist. Thierry always had to be cautious of the East German border guards whilst carrying out his work. They used to come through the Wall by using secret doors to keep the disrespectful artist from working. Therefore he mostly work at night and used strong colours that were visible in the dark.

Each miniature does have the following collector bottom imprint:
Rosenthal, Kings of Freedom limited edition, VisibleWall.