Born in New York City on October 5th in 1950, James Rizzi today once more belongs to one of America´s most respected and established artists. He was also able to gain impact on an international level. Being a Pop Art painter and artist he was able to combine various different elements and hence create great effects. In his loft studio in SoHo he collects his thoughts for working on the Berlin Wall project upon invitation by VisibleWall. He created a very personal object of peace for the Germans and pleased many collectors with his work IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE as a porcelain miniature. He has dedicated this painting exclusivly to the Berlin Wall miniature edition, as a reminder for all the children in the world still suffering from precarious political conditions.

IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE - limited to 1,989 pieces worldwide.    


21. 05. - 04. 07. 2010
World famous pop artist James Rizzi solo show at fair center in Bremen: RIZZIS WORLD. The biggest Rizzi retrospective of New York based pop artist James Rizzi. The exhibition displays various paintings, drawings and the original piece of Berlin Wall, IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE, realization in collaboration with Visible Wall.