Rosenthal and VisibleWall –

a partnership of manifacture and design

Rosenthal posesses a worldwide exclusively unique tradition of artistic craftsmanship identified by cooperation with artists and designers.

Under the leadership of Philip Rosenthal, the ateliers found in Selb (Upper Franconia) became sought after partners of exemplary artists working on the production of porcelain objects and editions.
 Since August 2009, the company has had new owners – providing the best conditions to re-immerse themselves again in the core-competencies and joy of innovation of the leading European creators of porcelain.

Contracted by, and in close association with VisibleWall, the porcelain peace sculptures of the Berlin Wall were developed in the manufactury and refined piece by piece towards end perfection. From the raw plaster form for the mould, to the double-furnacing process in modern ovens, via the work undertaken with porcelain-appropriate techniques securing the colourful screenprinting – about 100 steps by artisans are necessary to create the finished miniatures, before they can go on their way to the Collector.

The building-complex in Selb and Speichersdorf, in which the miniatures are created, are, by the way, the last buildings conceptualised by Walter Gropius in the 60s.