13th of August 1961 - 9th of November 1989
The Wall as a symbol of the peaceful German Revolution

The meaning of the Wall as a symbol that shows us that it is possible, also peacefully overturn a totalitarian national division - as a timeless symbol of the spirit of freedom – is something that is understood throughout the whole world. Daily, many visitors to Berlin seek out the very few remaining concrete relicts of the ‘Iron Curtain’, which existed between the Cold War Blocs.

For people in contemporary regions of conflict around the world the Berlin Wall, is, and remains, a symbol of hope: What the Germans achieved peacefully in 1989, can be achieved all around the world. No regime can persist on our planet longterm, against the free will of the people.

A special book:
The Berlin Wall out in the World (Die Berliner Mauer in der Welt)
A symbol of freedom, of human resilience, or a relict of the Cold war?

The Berlin Wall opens a broad area of interpretation.  Therefore, it’s so much more interesting to see how, all around the world, commemorative places have been created, using original segments of it. 

The fate and whereabouts of the Wall have never been so assuredly researched as has been done in this new publication, appearing in September 2009 from the Story of Berlin publishing house, in cooperation with the German government’s Institute for coming to terms with the past (Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung), as publisher. 

More than 120 of these Wall segments, which weigh tonnes, and which are to be found in over 40 nations on all continents, had to be found. Amongst their new owners can be found Japanese business people, prominent art collectors, all the
presidents of the USA and even the Pope.  Exciting, odd but also tragic stories are told. Curious?  

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Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur (Hg.)

Die Berliner Mauer in der Welt

256 pages, 220 colour photographs
21 x 21 cm, hardback cover

ISBN 978-3-86855-023-8

19,95 EUR