James Rizzi in Bremen: Original piece of Berlin Wall

16. 03. 2010
World famous pop artist James solo show at fair center in Bremen: James Rizzi reveals his Berlin Wall segment IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE at Lloyd passage downtown Bremen.

www.rizzi-bremen.de  |  www.james-rizzi.com


Cinema for Peace Gala 2010

An original VisibleWall Wall element was auctioned during the Cinema for Peace Awards 2010 to fund Cinema for Peace aid projects. The Wall Original WIR SIND EIN VOLK (We are the people) was designed exclusively by the Leipzig-based artist Alban Seyboth. Amongst the guests were Peace Nobel Price winner Michael Gorbatschow, Lenoardo DiCaprio, Catherine Deneuve, Sir Bob Geldof and many others. 40,000 Euros that went towards future Cinema for Peace documentary film projects were raised by the auction of the Wall element which remains in a public space in Berlin. 



Signing hour Kiddy Citny & Thierry Noir

Peter Harvey Gallery

Gormannstrasse 8-9

10119 Berlin


Visible Wall Vernissage – Peter Harvey Gallery

27/11/2009 | 18.00h - 31/01/2009
Peter Harvey Ltd Gallery is honoured to curate the latest project from VisibleWall and Rosenthal, which could be seen as a stepping stone to the future, dissolving boundaries where street Art and refined design materials such as Rosenthal porcelain fuse Art and Design, sub and high end cultures, giving the Berlin wall a new meaning. The exhibition will take place in the Peter Harvey Gallery until late January 2010.

Unique Pieces of Berlin Wall Miniatures
Sculptures & Installations
Gormannstrasse 8-9
10119 Berlin


Invisible Walls – no walls for kids nowhere

A fixed amount of profits raised by the miniatures will assist selected development projects for children and young people.

Auction of original components of the Berlin Wall for the Raisa Gorbacheva Institute. 

Within the framework of the conferment of the Cinema for Peace Honorary Award to Mikhail Gorbachev on the 8th of November 2009, a piece made from an original Berlin Wall segment and funded by VisibleWall, ‘One World’ (by the artist Kiddy Citny) secured in an auction 40,000 Euros. This was donated to the leukemia children’s hospital in Moscow. We thank the acquirers for their great generosity. 

Research projects in Germany

VisibleWall emphasises projects that make the history of the division of Germany, and thus also of the Wall, something that is comprehendable and vivid for children and young people. 

We seek creative projects that make it possible, also in the future, particularly for school pupils to connect with the theme of postwar German division. Together with our partner Rosenthal, VisibleWall is, for example, open to suggestions such as using the miniatures in lessons in order to make interaction with German-German history more engaging (such as, for eg, initiatives painting the segments and others).

Development Projects in Regions of Conflict.

With the motto »No Walls for Kids – nowhere«, we want to support selected small development projects for children in crisis regions, and thus make a small contribution to ameliorating the consequences of political conflicts for children and young people. Totalitarian frontiers are not always as obvious as those found in Korea and Palestine. The invisible walls in peoples’ heads, with their dramatic ramifications on the lives of children, often make greater impact.

We would be glad to receive information about »Grass Roots« projects in conflict regions, likewise to contact artists who wish to achieve thought-provoking impulses through the use of Wall-symbols used in their work.


Working the Wall | Preview 1:1

Press conference temporary studio situation

Station Berlin, Halle 7, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, 

10963 Berlin



CHAMPIONS CLUB berlin 2009 athletics

16. 08. - 23. 08. 2009
International Club
Thüringer Allee 
14052 Berlin