Khaled Said at the Berlin Wall

Egypt´s youth was very moved by the death of Khaled Said: Now, in September 2011 he was posthumously awarded the Human Rights Award in Berlin. He was immortalized by VisibleWall on two T-elements of the Berlin Wall as part of the Freedom Park project.

On Monday, September 19th 2011 Khaled said was posthumously awarded the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation´s Human Rights Award 2011 in Berlin. Representing her murdered brother the award was received by his sister, Zahraa Kassem. During the ceremony the German photo-realist and graffity artist Andreas von Chranowski (aka Case) painted two T-elements with Khaled Said´s portrait together wit Khaled´s sister, Zahraa Kassem.

This year in October Case will once again paint Khaled Said´s portrait in the artist´s home town of Alexandria during a street project organized by the Goethe Institute.Khaled Said, aged 28, died on June 6th 2010 after having been severely beaten by Egyptian police. Amongst other actions he published ccideos on the internet that showed police officers conducting physical abuse as well as undertaking drug dealings. The picture of Khaled´s dead body was put on the internet and lead to the founding of the movement "We are all Khaled Said". This movement triggered the following massive protests. Ever since then, Khaled Said has become a figure and the face of the revolution in Egypt.

Khaled Said´s portrait has since been the inspiration for many graffitis in the whole of Egypt. It was very important for his sister to honor him in Berlin as well.